Our Fees

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Estate Planning

Estate planning can range from the very simple to the very complex, depending on your wishes and the assets involved.  We have a time-tested group of four estate documents that are designed to avoid probate altogether and significantly ease the decisions and transition for loved ones at a difficult time.  We have a flat fee of $1,800 per single client and $2,150 for couples to prepare these documents and update them for life, including any necessary retitling.  If you are seeking just a Trust or a Will, our one-time fee is $499 per single client and $599 for couples.  If your situation is uniquely complex, we will work with you to arrange a reasonable charge for the more intricate services, and, if we are simply reviewing and changing existing documents prepared by previous professionals, we will reduce our flat fee appropriately.

 Investment Services

We charge a very reasonable, asset-based flat fee for our investment services.  This fee ranges from 1%-2% of the value of your portfolio per year, depending on your level of assets.  We believe that an asset-based fee is the only fair and appropriate way to be compensated for the services we provide.   Our compensation is directly tied to the performance of your portfolio, which in turn helps assure you that we will do our absolute best on your behalf.

 Tax, Legal, and Other Services

Our additional offerings enable you to bundle services with us while saving significantly in fees.  If you invest with us and retain our estate planning services, we will prepare your taxes for no charge, barring complicated situations.  We have the expertise to advise on all insurance possibilities as well as elder care solutions.  We also offer ancillary legal services to help minimize your taxes and accomplish your goals.  If your situation calls for an expertise that we do not have, part of our wrap-around service includes finding the appropriate expert to represent you, and managing the matter to ensure that you are getting the best representation possible.  Bottom line, if you are our client, we will work as hard as we can, for a consolidated and discounted fee, to give you and your loved ones Peace of Mind in all respects.