Our Guiding Principles

The path to Financial Success and Peace of Mind starts here.  

Several important principals guide our work for our clients. These principles are as follows:

  • Establishing trust is paramount to the formation of an effective working relationship.
  • Each client's objectives will be specific and in writing.  These client's objectives will include a stated rate of return goal and detailed projections.
  • A diligent annual review off all estate plans, investment strategies, titling of assets, and other tools is essential to ensure a continuous Peace of Mind for our clients.
  • The performance of each investment portfolio will be measured by a time-weighted rate of return.  This time-weighed rate of return will be compared periodically with the client's stated rate of return goal.
  • Each client's investment portfolio will be diverse and allocated among several asset classes in order to reduce volatility and risk.
  • Investments, when feasible, will be consolidated into as few accounts as possible in order to more effectively calculate a rate of return and monitor asset allocation.
  • Efficient, reliable strategies are essential to minimize tax burdens, not just estate taxes, but income and other taxes as well.
  • A regular, systematic method of savings will be put in place for clients who want to save and build their investment assets simultaneously.
  • Adequate insurance should be in place to cover certain risks.
  • Avoid Probate!  Each client will have a well-designed estate plan which minimizes taxes through full use of unified credits, avoids probate, and appropriately passes assets to designated beneficiaries.
  •  Assets will be titled correctly and beneficiary designations under any qualified plans or life insurance policies will be correctly identified.  
  • Estate documents and evidence of the titling of assets and beneficiary designations will be well organized and accessible to family and friends.