Our Mission

The path to Financial Success and Peace of Mind starts here.

We are dedicated to a unique "one-stop shopping" approach to the delivery of our services, individually tailored to achieve our client's goals.  

Our mission is to ensure a responsive and caring approach to the delivery of  integrated wealth management while providing  additional legal, tax, and other services in support of our clients’ overall well being.

How many investment managers, estate attorneys, and accountants do you know who consult each other concerning the best interests of their clients?  We do!  We have all of the experience and knowledge necessary right here at Exeter Trust to create wrap-around services that fill all of our clients wealth management needs, because it is about more than just investing, it is about protecting your assets and giving you peace of mind.

 Exeter Trust clients receive more than sound financial advice. Behind everything Exeter Trust accomplishes is the company’s deep commitment to our clients’ financial success and overall well-being.

About Exeter Trust

 Exeter Trust consists of professionals with a variety of experience, ensuring that our clients receive solid advice that stems from knowledge of every aspect of wealth management. G. Patrick Price, an attorney and one of the country’s premiere investment experts and President of Exeter Trust, is a frequent lecturer on the topics of financial and estate planning and is a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors.

 Exeter’s proven method for success is as sound today as it was from the start. Our method is simple: to diligently and tirelessly pursue our clients’ goals in order to ensure their peace of mind. This is done in part by thoroughly evaluating each new client’s overall financial picture, developing specific and measurable investment goals tailored to the client’s particular needs, and constructing a strategy to achieve those goals.

But we don't stop there.  We recognize that creating a sound investment strategy is just the beginning.  What about your home?  Your children and grandchildren? How do you want your wealth dispersed?  How do you want to be treated if you become incapacitated? A sound estate plan is also an essential piece of financial health, and we create and implement plans that not only allow your estate to go directly to your designated beneficiaries, often completely avoiding probate, but also take care of you along the way.

Our investment management, estate planning, legal, and tax services all work together to wrap around you, creating a lasting sense of peace and well-being.