What you should expect

The path to Financial Success and Peace of Mind starts here. 

We manage our clients' investment portfolios for a reasonable annual asset-based fee.  No commissions are ever charged and no products are ever sold to our clients.  For our legal, estate planning, and tax services, we offer flat fee schedules, retainer based fee structures, and  hourly billing, depending upon each specific situation and the needs of the client.

For each client, individual objectives are established through consultation.  The investment objectives include an asset allocation plan and an anticipated annual rate of return. Furthermore, we gather information for estate planning, if requested.  A well-rounded, focused, and complete wealth management plan is our ultimate goal for every client, and each client must be comfortable with their objectives and our abilities to meet them.

We try to achieve the highest possible rate of return on your investment, year after year, without taking unnecessary risks.  We invest primarily in individual, large cap US stocks and individual bonds.  We keep our clients informed and we meet with them regularly.  We give them accurate and informative tools to monitor their investments, and we provide them with guidance to make appropriate decision in the other areas of estate planning as well.  We do these things to foster a close, trusting relationship so our clients always feel comfortable and have peace of mind.

We ask that you understand that your portfolio is invested for the long term and there are swings in the markets.  The value of your investments will fluctuate, but you can expect Exeter Trust to do its best to meet your investment needs.

As a client, you should expect that your investment and other wealth management objectives will be met.  You should will be kept fully informed.  Your calls will be returned promptly, and your questions will be fully answered.  In addition to the Annual Review, you are able to meet with us as often as you feel necessary.  We  strive to develop close relationships with our clients, and pride ourselves on our abilities to discover, understand, and meet your needs.